Who We Are

Cycle Labs is a software and services company composed of innovators dedicated to modernizing enterprise solution deployment and lowering risk through world-class test automation. We encourage our clients and our team to question everything and to strive for continuous, iterative improvement. Cycle Labs is the owner of the patented Cycle test automation platform. 

Cycle® is a continuous testing solution focused on modernizing and streamlining the development and deployment of Enterprise software solutions. Cycle provides reliable test automation for technical teams and also arms non-technical team members with a powerful continuous testing solution for automating critical business process validation, supplementing manual testing, and facilitating realistic and comprehensive performance testing.

In today’s world innovation is essential not only to thrive, but simply to survive. And innovation, by definition means trying new technologies, new methodologies and in general a focus on change. And change means risk. But risk can be objectively measured and accounted for. Teams ship better, low-risk solutions when they work together. With Cycle, you have the freedom to innovate. You have the freedom to accelerate the valuable changes your team seeks to make. With Cycle, you can accelerate change with better, low-risk solutions for complex problems faster than ever before. Change starts now.

Our Vision

To inspire individuals and organizations to be curious; to ask why, and to strive for continuous, iterative improvement.

Our Mission

Our mission is to enable teams to build, deploy and support better products and solutions; freeing people and organizations from the concerns of business risk so they can focus on business growth. Through improved communication, collaboration and continuous testing on the Cycle Labs platform.

The Evolution of Cycle

  • Cycle Was Born

    Recognizing testing is often the bottleneck in any software project, we knew there had to be a better way. So we set out to develop that better way--and we called it Cycle.

  • Embedding Test Automation

    While we knew test automation was the goal, we needed a solution that was embedded into our processes as opposed to one that tacked more work on.

  • We Added Performance Volume Testing

    Having a viable product, we added performance volume testing and filed for our first patent.

  • The User Portal was Introduced

    We continued product updates and introduced the user portal for managing users and licenses.

  • We Made Cycle Bigger and Better

    We rebuilt terminal emulation, introduced native web-support, and added data management functionality.

  • We Received Our First Patent

    We were thrilled to announce the issuance of Cycle’s first patent! Our volume testing functionality has been under scrutiny by the U.S. Patent Office since 2015. We were issued a patent covering our performance testing functionality. This unique functionality allows us to execute load and volume testing faster than our competition, while performing more accurate and realistic testing.

  • Cycle 2.0 Launched

    We’ve spent 3 years gaining a better understanding of how our users interact with Cycle and we made improvements to functionality that will drive productivity and reduce costs. We wanted Cycle 2.0 to be easier to use, and to provide a guided experience for constructing and executing tests. Cycle 2.0 does just that making it, the most approachable and valuable continuous testing solution for the entire team.