New Version: Cycle 2.7

Thank you for taking the time to review our Cycle 2.7 release, which makes working with test data even easier for all flavors of users on your test team.  See what's new below, and download our latest version of Cycle from the User Portal today!

What's New in 2.7:

We've added an option to make managing test data easier.  There is now an example set viewer within Cycle itself that allows users to add, modify, and delete test data.  You can even assign tags to specific subsets of data within a dataset, which makes them easily selectable or de-selectable prior to a test run execution.  This powerful new addition to Cycle pairs especially nicely with Scenario Outlines.

In the event that this awesome new data management capability isn't enough, we also threw in a new web step "I see element is clickable" to help with situations where web elements aren't immediately ready for testing interaction.

See the User Manual for additional details. We hope you download Cycle 2.7 today!

Happy Cycling!

Cycle Development Team

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