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Your New Test Automation Checklist

What considerations should be included in your Test Automation Checklist? Your testing team should decide which tests to automate as…

Moving Your Automated Testing Infrastructure to the Cloud

Let’s get specific on leveraging the cloud for your automated testing infrastructure. I’m James Prior, and one of my responsibilities…

Unfreezing: A Simple Starting Place for Kicking Off Organizational Change – Part 2

In our first blog post on Unfreezing, we reviewed Kurt Lewin’s 3-Step model for change, which involves the three main…

The WMS Go Live: There is a Better Way!

“That was awful!”, “We barely survived!”, and “Never again!” are just a few of the many phrases I’ve heard uttered…

Sixteen Burning Questions for a Test Automation Leader

Javier Velasquez has nearly a decade of experience as a software professional. Early in his career he did software testing…

Shift Left and Right

What Is Shift Left and Is It Enough?

In this post I’m going to explore what it means to shift left. Then I’ll discuss how automation can help…

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