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What Makes a Good Test Case?

We get distracted and are often hurried when designing test cases, as everything is on a tightly project-managed deadline these…

A High-Level Overview of Continuous Testing with Jenkins

  We’ve paid homage to Jenkins in a previous blog post singing its praises for being open-source and relatively easy-to-use;…

Eight Burning Questions for Three Test Automation Leaders

Evan Edwards is the Vice President of Engineering for Tryon Solutions and oversees the development of Cycle, our behavior-driven test…

Testing for the WMS Mind

Top Five Testing Terminology Misconceptions

  In the world of software testing there are a handful of frequently misused terms.  Prior to my testing terminology…

Ode to Jenkins

  With February upon us, it is time to celebrate the 8th birthday of one of the most influential pieces…

Continuous Testing: The Change Agent

According to Google, it takes about 15 seconds to fully load a mobile landing page while “…53% of mobile site…

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