Top 8 Test Automation Resources for 2020

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We’ve sifted through the many test automation websites out there, and have compiled a list of our top “go-tos” below. There will inevitably be some overlap in the types of content, but we’ve mostly gone with different “flavors” of websites. This is a “best of webpages” blog post, and we’ve also included the requisite obnoxiously cliché award/trophy graphic:

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  1. Automation Panda – Andy Knight is a very experienced Software Engineer in Test, and unlike many tech blogs out there, Automation Panda is well organized and concise. Andy happens to be a fantastic writer, which is also a rare find in the blog space these days. His site is usually our first stop if we need more information on something in the realm of test automation.
  2. Angie Jones – Angie Jones is one of the foremost voices in test automation. She often gives speeches and teaches at larger testing conferences, and has an online learning platform called Test Automation University. Her nicely organized site is loaded with well-written, in-depth blog articles and online workshops.
  3. Ministry of Testing – If you are reading this blog, chances are that you’re already aware of MoT. This awesomely-named site is an absolutely gargantuan repository of all things testing: webinars, podcasts, blogs, white papers, community forums, classes, and every possible way you can consume testing content is covered. If you want information on testing delivered in Klingon language Morse code, they probably have a section for it. These gutsy folks also fear no trolls, as the frequent and informative MoT webinars have an unmoderated, real-time chat.
  4. Test Guild – This is home to the famous Test Guild podcast (formerly known as Test Talks) which is arguably the most popular test automation podcast. The Test Guild blog is content-rich, with a focus on web testing and test automation tool reviews.
  5. Meetup – If you can find the time, we highly recommend going to test automation meetups in your area. We’ve learned a lot about test automation going to these, via both hosted seminars/presentations and over drinks in conversation with attendees.
  6. Jenkins – We are fans of this popular open-source continuous integration and testing platform with the smug butler logo, and their home site is of course bursting at the seams with content including documentation, blogs, community forums, and downloadable Jenkins plugins.
  7. API Evangelist – The API Evangelist is a helpful reference if you do any API testing. Everything you wanted to know about APIs and related testing is housed here. PUT this amongst your browser bookmarks and GET the valuable information.
  8. Continuous Testing Blog for Mobile & Web Testing – This is a great spot for, as the lengthy name suggests, information on continuous testing and mobile testing.
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Honorable Mention:

Our site…in another year or two. If you do any Warehouse Management Software (WMS) testing, we encourage you to check in with our blog, as we have both in-house WMS experts and a complete test automation solution. We were recently added to the Top 75 Automation Testing blogs list, which houses links to more great test automation resources on the Internet.

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James Prior
Technical Pre-Sales Consultant

James has been working in software pre-sales and implementation since 2000 and has more recently settled into focusing on technical pre-sales.

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