Blue Yonder WMS Testing Bundle

Test Automation Bundle for Warehouse Management Software

Building on our expertise implementing warehouse management systems, we are excited to offer customers a new test automation bundle as an add-on to Cycle. Our new add-on bundle includes a library of automated tests developed to be used as part of your new implementation or an ongoing risk management strategy.

Tests are modular, well-documented starting points designed to be tailored for your specific WMS environment, providing you with a simpler and faster solution to conduct complete regression testing of hot-fixes, patches, modifications and upgrades. Contact Sales for more information about how you can take advantage of add-on test automation bundles for Cycle.

A Great Fit for Blue Yonder Users

Staying up-to-date on the latest Blue Yonder products is the best way to get the most value from their powerful suite of end-to-end retail and supply chain planning and execution technologies. Cycle is the best choice for obtaining the freedom and confidence of maintaining a regular upgrade schedule.

Cycle’s unique ability to embed continuous testing into the upgrade and deployment process ensures you can easily visualize and understand any business risks associated with your upgrade. Cycle is key to ensuring you can always be on the cutting edge of Blue Yonder technology.

What is the Add-On Test Automation Bundle?
The add-on test automation bundle provides customers a simple and realistic solution for complete regression testing of hot-fixes, patches, modifications and upgrades. The bundle includes pre-written tests that validate critical warehouse functions such as picking, shipping and receiving using Cycle.

The test automation bundle may be used as part of a new implementation or part of an ongoing risk management strategy to ensure warehouse operations run smoothly.

Which Add-On Bundles are Currently Available for Cycle?

At this time, an add-on bundle for Blue Yonder Warehouse Management is available. If you are interested in an add-on test automation bundle for other enterprise software systems, please contact us.

What Does the Add-On Bundle Include?

Processes covered in the Blue Yonder Warehouse Management add-on bundle include user interface, terminal and voice utilities; inbound activities, such as receiving, putaway and trailer management; inventory control activities, such as inventory transfer and adjustments; and outbound activities, such as allocation, picking and replenishment.

The test automation bundle also addresses customers’ challenge of maintaining comprehensive test data. Used alongside Cycle’s data extraction tool, users can take advantage of the bundle to quickly and easily create or move orders, purchase orders, master receipts and other test data between systems.