NOW 2022

Boston, MA | October 3-5, 2022

Boston Skyline

NOW 2022 Rebus User Conference

October 3-5, 2022

We had the pleasure of sponsoring and speaking at Longbow Advantage’s Annual Rebus User Conference in Boston, MA. The theme of the conference was the birth of the digital revolution in a disrupted supply chain.

About Cycle Labs

About Longbow Advantage



Fireside Chat with Longbow Advantage


Josh Owen, CEO of Cycle Labs, and Ryan Uhlenkamp, SVP of Strategic Alliances at Longbow Advantage, discuss how Cycle can reduce risk for WMS implementations and the benefits of integrating continuous testing with Rebus real-time warehouse visibility.

Some highlights from the event

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About Cycle Labs

Cycle Labs is a software company composed of innovators dedicated to modernizing enterprise solution deployment and lowering risk through world-class test automation — and we don’t give up once we have a solution. We continue to power through with innovation, helping businesses survive and thrive, because if a system is working smoothly, there are always ways to better address business needs.

Our Mission

Our mission is to enable teams to build, deploy, and support better products and solutions; freeing people and organizations from the concerns of business risk so they can focus on business growth through improved communication, collaboration, and continuous testing on the Cycle Labs platform.

The Cycle Platform

The Cycle Platform, Cycle®, is a continuous testing solution focused on modernizing and streamlining the development and deployment of enterprise software solutions. Cycle provides reliable test automation for technical teams and also arms non-technical team members with a powerful continuous testing solution for automating critical business process validation, supplementing manual testing, and facilitating realistic and comprehensive performance testing.

Test Automation Framework

The Cycle Test Automation Framework lets you benefit from our years of experience and best practices to make sure you get started on the right path for maintainable test automation. By simplifying design decisions while still providing you with the ability to customize based on your team, the framework gives you a valuable head start in your test automation journey.

Blue Yonder Test Library

The Cycle Labs BY WMS Test Library includes nearly 200 prebuilt test cases that can be customized to your unique business processes across a plethora of functional areas. In addition to all the utilities that come from being built on our Cycle Test Automation Framework, the BY WMS Test Library includes nearly a thousand prebuilt utilities that can be assembled into test cases that correspond to your unique business processes across a variety of interfaces.

The Appliance

Take your testing to the cloud with the Cycle Appliance. The appliance gives you the ability to execute volume testing, load testing, and simplifies the process for continuous testing.