Cycle Launches Ambassador Program

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Cycle launches new Cycle Ambassador Program to forever change our industry.

Raleigh, NC (October 8, 2020): Tryon’s mission is to modernize enterprise software deployments, specifically in the supply chain space, with a focus on mission-critical applications like your WMS. And today, we’re taking a step further in fulfilling our mission. We believe the modernization of deployment practices for enterprise software is seminal to the ongoing success of our industry. More than ever, the words “supply chain” have been thrust into the spotlight of the general population, and it’s up to us to deliver.

We are proud to introduce the Cycle Ambassadors Program, an elite membership program for the best and brightest minds in our space. We’re looking for technical leaders, thought leaders, and all-around talented, like-minded individuals to embark on a journey with us. If you are familiar or have experience with concepts around continuous testing/integration/deployment, test automation, containerization of software, deployment pipelines, or are generally interested in learning, sign up so we can begin our work together.

8 Reasons to Join the Cycle Ambassador Program

Members of the Cycle Ambassador Program will work with our Cycle product team and each other to maintain and improve a community-developed, standard Blue Yonder test suite to further our mission of modernizing Blue Yonder deployments. With the expert guidance of the Cycle product team, you’ll build Cycle pipelines, evaluate various methodologies to embed testing into the enterprise deployment process, experiment and build various supporting technology solutions, and likely work with Cycle customers to learn more about their challenges.

To learn more information about the Cycle Ambassador Program, check out all the details here. If you’re sold, go ahead and apply to become a founding member of the program.



We will start small, but we have an opportunity to forever change the trajectory of our industry.

Cycle Launches new Ambassador Program

About Tryon Solutions

Tryon Solutions provides professional services and software solutions for Blue Yonder supply chain applications. Tryon Solutions has extensive experience with end-to-end implementations, upgrades, and optimization services for Warehouse Management Systems and associated solutions, such as Transportation Management Systems, Workforce Management, parcel, automation, and other logistics execution software applications.

In addition to providing implementation services, Tryon Solutions developed Cycle® test automation software to help customers achieve operational assurance without the need for advanced training or technical expertise. Through partnering with customers, Tryon Solutions helps logistics teams leverage its services and solutions to increase productivity, reduce risk, and optimize operations across their supply chain. 


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