Team Member spotlight: Rob Lund

During the first week of every month we will be sharing a new #TeamMemberSpotlight! Our #TeamMemberSpotlight for December is Rob Lund!


About Rob

Rob LundRob joined the Tryon Solutions' Team in 2017 as a Senior Project Manager. Today, he is our Senior Practice Director, Supply Chain  where he is responsible for our team members that deliver Blue Yonder WMS solutions. While Rob is a long-time industry veteran, his energy and perspective bring passion and “youth” to a sometimes stuffy or traditional industry.  Rob's constant energy both with the customers he serves as well as with the teams he leads, radiates to every person he comes in contact with and every project he is a part of. Rob began working in the supply chain industry in 1993 for McHugh Freeman & Associates. As the company grew, the names changed to McHugh Software, then RedPrairie, then JDA, and now Blue Yonder while Rob's role grew to Director and then Vice President of Professional Services. While Rob's area of expertise is WMS Project Management, his favorite projects to work on are the ones that yield excellent outcomes.


Rob's favorite #movetheneedle moment at Tryon Solutions

The ongoing process of being able to work with Tryon’s talented technical team to envision and implement new and more effective ways to implement supply chain solutions with our clients has been an exciting shift for Rob. The WMS and supply chain industry can sometimes feel behind the curve when it comes to innovation and embracing new ideas, Rob has enjoyed being able to work for a Behavior Driven Development company. It’s all about being better, faster, more cost effective, and guaranteeing outcomes.  Rob believes Cycle is the key tool in our toolbelt to ensuring that our outcomes are predictable and excellent every time and enjoys being able to provide a new solution to problems he himself has experienced throughout his tenure in the supply chain industry.


Rob outside of work

Rob is the guy that is singing on your conference calls.  If you start a meeting and are waiting for participants, he will be the guy who says, "Name your favorite song" and then sing it,  (he admits, "Not well, but I enjoy singing and don't like dead time on the phone").

Rob was born in Duluth, MN, where he was adopted by his parents, and then raised in the Milwaukee suburb of Brown Deer. Rob and his wife Diane live in Watertown, WI.  Their oldest daughter, Erika, lives in Madison and works in mental health field.  Their youngest daughter, Lauren, lives 4 blocks away with their 3-year-old grandson, Gideon, and 2-month-old grandson, Maddox.  She is a veterinary technician.

Rob loves professional services delivery, supply chain, working in teams,  people, and family.


We are lucky to have Rob as a part of our rock star team!!