Tryon Solutions Named Top 10 Software Testing Company of 2020

Tryon Solutions Named Top 10 Software Company of 2020

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Raleigh, NC (January 14, 2021): Tryon Solutions, makers of Cycle Automation, has been named a Top 10 Software Testing Company for 2020 by CIO Review. The award echoes the importance of test automation and the positive impact it can have on a business. “We wanted to empower organizations to streamline communication more effectively to deploy and support leaner solutions with a higher level of quality and ensure customers reclaim their time,” says Josh Owen, Co-founder and CEO of Tryon Solutions.

Tryon Solutions Named Top 10 Software Testing Company of 2020Tryon Solutions and Cycle’s Behavior Driven Strategy focuses on identifying and mitigating risk to ensure customers make well-informed and profitable business decisions. By creating an ecosystem where businesses can measure or determine an acceptable level of risk and then help introduce that change into a system, Cycle removes the stress and uncertainty often associated with a go-live.

Cycle, a test automation platform, automates testing across the testing pyramid including functional, end-to-end, and scenario simulations for enterprise systems as well as volume testing through its patented volume testing capabilities. While other solutions are designed for automated testing after development and configuration have occurred, Cycle testing begins before these key phases and continues during and after your go-live identifying challenges earlier and reducing production risk.

Last year exposed major gaps in nearly every aspect of supply chains, award signifies the impact that an effective testing platform can have on the success of a business or operation. Consumers’ expectations are at an all-time high, and the need to accelerate change across customer supply chains must follow suit. Test automation, as part of a continuous upgrade strategy, can help ensure that when unpredicted stressors impact part of the supply chain, these stressors don’t derail the entire supply chain or impact client satisfaction.

As 2020 was challenging for all, Tryon Solutions is looking forward to and preparing for a big 2021. They want to help the supply chain and warehouse management industries accelerate change in the new year, and believe test automation can help that happen. For more information on how Tryon Solutions and Cycle Automation can help you, visit

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