Test Suite Bundle

Test Automation Bundle for Warehouse Management Software

What is Test Suite Bundle?

Introducing automation to your warehouse management system means building and executing tests specific to your operations. The Cycle Test Suite Bundle grants users access to our specialized test engine, which can execute automated tests, simulation and emulation, and load testing.


Tests are modular, well-documented starting points designed to be tailored for your specific WMS environment, providing you with a simpler and faster solution to conduct complete regression testing of hot-fixes, patches, modifications and upgrades. At Cycle, our test scripts are written so employees on every level can easily understand and execute the necessary procedures.

Include with our Test Suite Bundle

Think of the Test Suite Bundle as a starter pack. The bundle offers over 200 pre-built tests and over 80 workflow processes that save hundreds of hours in setting up your automated test systems. While the product can be a blank slate for you to write your own coded test script, the bundle simplifies the process for no additional fee.

The bundle allows you to train and enable employees to do test automations themselves, while also reducing required human touches to manage infrastructure and needed hardware.

Blue Yonder compatibility

Staying up-to-date on the latest Blue Yonder products is the best way to get the most value from their powerful suite of end-to-end retail and supply chain planning and execution technologies. Cycle is the best choice for obtaining the freedom and confidence of maintaining a regular upgrade schedule.

Cycle’s unique ability to embed continuous testing into the upgrade and deployment process ensures you can easily visualize and understand any business risks associated with your upgrade. Cycle is key to ensuring you can always be on the cutting edge of Blue Yonder technology.

The Add-on Bundle

For those who use Blue Yonder Warehouse Management, there is an add-on bundle available.

The add-on bundle includes:

  • User interface
  • Terminal and voice utilities
  • Inbound activities (putaway and trailer management, inventory control, outbound activities)
  • Create, move, or purchase orders
  • Master receipts
  • And more

Service Hours

If you’re in need of specialized scripts for your warehouse systems or help with the implementation process, the Cycle professionals can act as subject matter experts, estimating how long customization will take and helping reduce time of service. Since some software will require script building, service hours can accelerate automation implementation.

Learn more about the Cycle Appliance

Through the Test Suite Bundle and Cycle Appliance, your warehouse management system can operate at peak efficiency. Contact our team to learn more about how Cycle can benefit your business, and give us a call to request a demonstration today.

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