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Successful WMS Implementation Following Cycle Regression Testing

As a result of using Cycle to test system performance, the WMS went live on time and under budget. The project team utilized Cycle to:

  • Perform thorough regression testing and build a complete set of regression test scripts for use at Go Live and for Phase II and III of the project.
  • Conduct RF volume testing, which identified issues and gaps that had not been previously discovered and would not have been identified via manual testing.

Manufacturer Simulates 500 RF Users to Stress Test New Servers with Cycle

With nearly 500 RF devices running, it was no surprise that both servers spiked to 100 percent CPU utilization. One additional hour of volume testing with Cycle identified an incorrect database configuration and a critical point at which the database server hit capacity and negatively impacted operations. The 14 business-readable tests created for this project can now be used by the customer to execute RF volume tests in the future.

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