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WMS Implementations: How to Reduce Risk Without Missing Your Timeline


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Over the past few years, WMS has rapidly shifted to SaaS delivery and cloud hosting. With less direct control over infrastructure, companies must rethink their approach to functional gap analysis, integration architecture, and risk management steps like mock Go Lives.

In addition, the SaaS delivery model has enabled new technologies like automated testing that can reduce resource strain and the risk of solution quality impacting your project timeline.

During this webinar, WMS implementation veterans will explain how to reduce risk in your WMS projects, stick to your timeline, and accelerate ROI through this time of uncertainty.

Duration: 50 Minutes

During this presentation you’ll learn:

  • How to structure your implementation team for success
  • Key considerations for system upgrades vs. new implementations
  • The reasons you should always try to meet business requirements with WMS configuration
  • Best practices for reusable warehouse site deployment templates
  • How to determine whether automated testing is right for your project
  • How to maximize the benefits of mock Go Lives
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Michael Camesano
Josh Owen
Josh Owen
CEO & Co-Founder
Michael Camesano
Alan Prillaman
SVP, Client Services