Test Automation for Third Party Logistics (3PL)

Onboard new clients faster with less risk to your existing systems and processes.

Maximize Innovation and Solution Quality

Introducing new clients into a 3PL network usually includes some system integration and process engineering to deliver the promised competitive advantages. Your warehouse IT systems need to be able to stand up to shifting transaction volumes and support client-specific functionality within individual sites. Meanwhile, your team needs to be agile and lean, but also provide a high standard of solution quality to maintain client trust and meet SLAs.

Automated software testing is a powerful tool for 3PLs that want to optimize their client onboarding and system upgrade projects. By automating test cases for high-impact processes and client-specific functionality, you can ensure that business growth doesn’t impact existing client relationships. The Cycle platform, accelerates your test automation efforts through pre-built utilities and saves you thousands of hours as you expand to new sites or your client requirements change. 

Warehouse management software working across different locations

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Cycle is designed from the ground up to be scalable to every deployment, customizable for every business process, extensible to support every unique requirement, and maintainable for a constantly evolving warehouse system environment. It is composed of hundreds of prewritten utilities as well as the reusable building blocks that can be assembled to fit your business process and vendor of choice. Whether you have a best-of-breed packaged system or a homegrown solution, Cycle can power your test automation efforts to help you expand with reduced risk.

We support systems from vendors like:

  • Blue Yonder
  • Manhattan Associates
  • Körber (formerly HighJump)
CEVA Logistics:
Improving Service With Proactive Testing

“Cycle® allows us to quickly ramp up and down specific areas of our operations, which exposes stress points we can quickly correct.

Before Cycle, the potential effects of updates or changes could only be seen in the production environment, when it’s too late to adjust. Cycle gives us the edge and advantage we need to perform our best and ensure successful events for our customers.”

Scott Pelance | CEVA Logistics
Director, CLS Information Systems – NORTAM

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Included with the Cycle Platform

Cycle includes nearly a thousand prebuilt utilities that can be assembled into test cases that correspond to your unique business processes across a variety of interfaces including web/browser, API, database and telnet.


Continuous Testing

Incorporate Cycle into your CI/CD workflow alongside solutions like Jenkins, Bamboo, and more to focus on deploying value rather than focusing on test maintenance.

Orchestrate Test Execution

Cycle is highly configurable, and allows you to design your automation pipeline to meet your testing requirements.

Test at Volume

Patented volume testing functionality, allows for scalable parallel testing while simulating accurate day-in-the-life style testing. Address and avoid disruptions before customers are impacted.

Team Powered Testing

Cycle encourages team-powered testing because better communication is the key to valuable testing, and ultimately seamless deployments.

Reduce Risk As Processes Change

Cycle’s unique ability to embed continuous testing into the development, upgrade and deployment process ensures you can easily visualize and understand any business risks associated with your latest system changes. Cycle is key to ensuring you can always keep up with client and business requirements while minimizing implementation risk.

Service Hours

If you’re in need of specialized scripts for your warehouse systems or help with the implementation process, the Cycle professionals can act as subject matter experts, estimating how long customization will take and helping reduce time of service. Since some software will require script building, service hours can accelerate automation implementation.

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Automated Testing Guide


Automated Testing Guide:

What It Is and How To Do It Right

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have starter templates for my WMS?

The Cycle framework has been used to develop test libraries for many systems, including ProviaWMS, Manhattan, and Blue Yonder. We are actively working with our delivery and vendor partners to develop starter templates to further accelerate time-to-value for our customers.

Currently, we offer a Blue Yonder WMS Test Library built on our Cycle Test Automation Framework that includes hundreds of pre-built test cases to provide a foundation for your test automation initiative.

If you’re interested in a system-specific library, please contact us.


White Paper: Why Test Automation Accelerates Transformation

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