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3PL Achieves Successful WMS Implementation
Following Regression Testing using Cycle®




A global supply chain logistics company wanted to modify its warehouse management system (WMS), layout and operational processes to reduce waste from defects, motion, waiting and over processing. The unbudgeted wastes caused significant business losses each month. System and process inefficiencies also resulted in the need for additional associates. The project required a heavily customized solution, which would require considerable testing prior to the Go Live.


The company implemented Blue Yonder WMS (formerly JDA® 2012.2) and used Cycle® business process validation software by Cycle Labs to test and prepare for the Go Live.


Cycle Labs created current state Cycle Scripts to set the baseline for testing and future state test scripts for use when development was complete. As a result of using Cycle to test system performance throughout the project, the WMS went live on time and under budget. The project team utilized Cycle to:

  1. Perform thorough regression testing and build a complete set of regression test scripts for use at Go Live and for Phase II and III of the project, planned for later that year.
  2. Conduct RF volume testing, which identified issues and gaps that had not been previously discovered and would not have been identified via manual testing.
  3. Create a sense of confidence in the Go Live knowing all project requirements were met and the system had been thoroughly tested.

In addition, all support documentation and training were completed prior to implementation, ensuring the transition to support following the Go Live was executed seamlessly.


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