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Prominent Food and Beverage Customer Performs Regression and End-to-End Testing with Cycle®




Our well-known food and beverage industry customer founded in 1897, has an extensive portfolio of consumer food and beverage brands. The company reported more than $7 billion in 2017 net sales, employs more than 7,000 employees and operates out of more than 30 locations across North America.

The customer was seeking a solution to test all the different scenarios and configurations associated with implementation of a new warehouse management system (WMS) global template for the company’s 30-plus sites. In addition, the company desired a solution that could sustain their future needs in areas including integration, configuration, application, operating system and database patches and enhancements/updates.


In the fall of 2018, following extensive due diligence and completion of an internal business case evaluation, the customer selected the Cycle continuous testing platform as its WMS testing solution. In the months that followed, the company — supported by Cycle Labs team members — assembled a library of features that performed full, automated regression testing for the new WMS global template.



This customer has experienced a significant increase in the amount of testing completed. The company has executed tens of thousands of regression tests and experienced a substantial increase in the quality of its end-to-end testing efforts by focusing on the work instructions for each of its WMS processes.

Once this Fortune 500 company achieves WMS stability, they will migrate its test configuration into a training environment to ensure its processes will work as expected when the movement to production occurs. They anticipate running its automation regression scripts via multiple playlists overnight to validate proper configuration in the training environment. In addition, the company is using Cycle to perform volume testing for application and system sizing issues. Both Cycle testing efforts are resulting in significant time savings (hundreds of hours) while also providing the company with a high degree of confidence that application changes will be transparent to operations and customers.

Based on calculations, the customer projects to save nearly $600,000 over three years with Cycle. The most significant savings are tied to labor associated with regression, integration, volume and development unit testing as well as a substantial reduction in the overall project timeline. The company projects a nearly 1,200% investment return rate.


Cycle delivers substantial value to companies big and small. The platform is easy to use and intuitive, requiring substantially less time for setup and training compared to other testing software. Where as users of software from most Cycle competitors require initial product training of two-plus weeks, Cycle users typically only require about two days of training before use.

Furthermore, companies with a Blue Yonder WMS (formerly JDA), can take advantage of a robust test automation add-on bundle to Cycle. The Cycle Blue Yonder WMS bundle includes a library of hundreds of test cases for processes including user interface, terminal and voice utilities; inbound activities; inventory control activities; and outbound activities.


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