4th Annual Kelvin Saulsberry Award

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Seth Tarrants announced as the fourth annual Kelvin Saulsberry Award winner
Raleigh, NC (September 7, 2022): During our quarterly meeting in August, we announced the recipient of the 4th Annual Kelvin Saulsberry Award, an award that is close to all our hearts at Cycle Labs. The award was created in honor of Kelvin Saulsberry, a former employee and teammate we tragically lost in 2018. In 2019, as a way to celebrate and memorialize Kelvin’s life and his time with us, we started an annual employee award — The Kelvin Saulsberry Award. 

Kelvin Saulsberry



The Kelvin Saulsberry Award is a celebration of what we deem to be just a few highlights of the many amazing personal traits and values Kelvin embodied and expressed. Kelvin was an amazing person and there is no single trait that truly captures the goodness he projected to everyone who had the pleasure of knowing him. Cycle Labs employees were allowed to nominate any employee they felt embodied some of Kelvin’s amazing attributes.



The following criteria were given as guideposts for nominations, all of which Kelvin exemplified on a daily basis:

  • Dedication: The nominee is self-motivated to work hard at growing the business and themselves personally.
  • Integrity: The nominee is trustworthy and dependable.
  • Caring: The nominee shows genuine concern towards those around them.
  • Joyful: The nominee shows joy in performing their duties.
  • Patience: The nominee shows calm endurance under pressure.
  • Humble: The nominee maintains a modest and simple attitude.

2022 Award Winner

Seth Tarrants Team Member Spotlight

After careful consideration of a number of nominations, we are pleased to announce that this year’s Kelvin Saulsberry Award winner is Seth Tarrants. Seth joined our team on July 20, 2020 as a Software Development Engineer in Test II, helping to improve and further build out quality engineering around the Cycle Platform. In addition, Seth stepped in and served a number of other roles on the team as the organization’s structure and processes evolved. He quickly grew into a trusted leader on the team, and is known for his integrity and willingness to get his hands dirty and dig into challenges no matter how big or small. These themes are reflected in nominations such as, “His word is gold. When he says it, it happens. He gives credit where credit is due. He is always willing to learn and teach. He wears many hats and does so with unmatched grace and professionalism. He is a great communicator and always trying to make things better, easier, more efficient, and right.” Another nomination highlights that Seth “says what he means and means what he says, and takes accountability for his actions,” and continues on with the poignant summary, “I trust Seth to do the right thing, just in general.” In addition to all of the above, Seth also brings a keen wit and a positive energy to the team, all while staying incredibly grounded in humility.

We are beyond excited to award the 4th Annual Kelvin Saulsberry Award to Seth for all his contributions to our team! The award was announced virtually, and Seth will receive his award in the mail.

Congratulations, Seth, and thank you for all you do!


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