Blue Yonder Chooses Cycle Labs As Test Automation Partner

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Cycle chosen to help customers test and stay current with their WMS applications

Raleigh, NC (October 8, 2019): Cycle Labs, Inc., a global provider of Blue Yonder supply chain implementation and testing services, today announced being chosen by Blue Yonder Software, Inc., to utilize Cycle®, the patented automated testing platform, to increase Blue Yonder solution quality through continuous regression testing, faster feature time-to-value and increased predictability for new features and technical advancements.

“Our decades of experience deploying Blue Yonder solutions allow us to develop a platform that solves for the unique challenges faced in complex supply chain environments,” says Josh Owen, CEO and Co-founder of Cycle Labs. “A partnership with Blue Yonder means customers will now have a standard platform to ensure minimal business risk while mission-critical applications across terminal, voice, web, and Windows native are continuously tested. As we continue to grow our top tier talent for the Blue Yonder Warehouse Management portfolio, Cycle will play a big role in ensuring our customers stay current on Blue Yonder solutions.” 

“We are partnering with Cycle Labs to highlight our commitment to quality and ensuring a superior customer experience,” said Duane Kotsen, senior vice president, professional services at Blue Yonder. “Cycle’s modern approach to continuous testing and prepackaged process validation libraries allows Blue Yonder to build our solutions with a higher level of quality, and to deploy our market-leading, differentiated applications at a faster pace.”

Cycle allows for true end-to-end test automation across technologies, platforms, and teams. With support for terminal, web, and Windows native solutions the Cycle platform is the ideal solution for staying current on Blue Yonder’s cutting-edge technology. The platform also has volume and performance/load testing capabilities and received a patent for its interface and ease of use. Learn more about what Cycle can do at

About Cycle Labs

Cycle Labs is a software and services company composed of innovators dedicated to modernizing enterprise solution deployment and lowering risk through world-class test automation. We encourage our clients and our team to question everything and to strive for continuous, iterative improvement. Cycle Labs is the owner of the patented Cycle test automation platform.

Cycle® is a continuous testing solution focused on modernizing and streamlining the development and deployment of Enterprise software solutions. Cycle provides reliable test automation for technical teams and also arms non-technical team members with a powerful continuous testing solution for automating critical business process validation, supplementing manual testing, and facilitating realistic and comprehensive performance testing.

In today’s world innovation is essential not only to thrive, but simply to survive. And innovation, by definition means trying new technologies, new methodologies and in general a focus on change. And change means risk. But risk can be objectively measured and accounted for. Teams ship better, low-risk solutions when they work together. With Cycle, you have the freedom to innovate. You have the freedom to accelerate the valuable changes your team seeks to make. With Cycle, you can accelerate change with better, low-risk solutions for complex problems faster than ever before. Change starts now.

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