Cycle 2.6.0 Released!

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What’s New in 2.6.0

Our Cycle 2.6.0 release includes a combination of new functionality, incremental improvements, and bug fixes. See what’s new below, and download it from the User Portal.

Update (April 2022): Our download process has changed. Please go here for instructions to download the latest Cycle application release.

  • The Cycle client itself no longer requires a connection to the license server or prompts users to login in order to write or execute tests.
    This validation happens solely at the Cycle User Portal to download the Cycle client. This will solve many issues with connecting to the license server from within highly secured networks.
  • Support for testing with Chrome in headless mode.
    Especially useful in higher volume and remote web tests, headless Chrome can be tested locally with a new Cycle step or run as a default on remote machines.
  • Improvements to group tests.
    Added support for SSH-based terminal connections and increased bandwidth for more simultaneous workers.
  • Click and drag now supported for web tests.
    New Step “I click element…and drag…in web browser” allows Cycle to interact with elements that require a click and drag.
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes and new steps.
    As always, we included various bug and helpful new steps, including streamlining group tests in Cycle-CLI and a step to type the username or password from a saved credential into the terminal, app, or browser.


See the User Manual for additional details. We hope you download Cycle 2.6 today!

Happy Cycling!

Cycle Development Team

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