Cycle Labs Launches Cycle Cloud

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Raleigh, NC (October 25, 2021): Cycle Labs expands their industry-leading test automation software to the cloud with the release of Cycle Cloud on October 20th. The first iteration of Cycle Cloud will be a free limited release used to help guide the development of the Cycle Cloud platform over the next several months. 

Josh Owen, CEO and Co-founder of Cycle Labs says, “At Cycle Labs, we believe in the power of community and that testing should encourage a focus on communication, business understanding, and collaboration. Cycle Cloud is a first-of-its-kind behavior-focused testing platform allowing users to draft, discuss and execute feature files in the cloud and I’m thrilled to make Cycle Cloud available to everyone who wants to take part in meaningful change!”.

Cycle Launches Cloud-Native Tier

Cycle Labs is excited to bring its patented and business-focused automated testing software to the cloud, allowing users to access the platform without having to install anything on their computer. The current version of Cycle will still be readily available for paid licenses for the foreseeable future. The Cloud platform will also allow users to access updates and new features seamlessly without needing to download the updates manually while providing users with a modern interface. Cloud-hosted projects and assets also free up local disk space and provide tighter integrations with features, scenarios, and steps. Additionally, Cycle Cloud enables users to easily view historical data, test results, and trends allowing Cycle Labs to prioritize product releases and enhancements based on real-time user data. Create a free Cycle Cloud account here.

Free Features Designed for the Testing Community

Cycle Cloud is the first Cycle Labs’ product to offer a free tier in the subscription-based platform. The limited release is a perfect opportunity to get a preview of Cycle Cloud and to join a community of early adopters whose feedback will influence the future of the platform. Cycle Cloud will have the core functionality that Cycle users have come to know and love over the last several years while introducing some new features as well. 

First and foremost, the platform will be available online without the need to install the platform on a user’s computer. Upon creating an account, users will see a brand new interface that is easy to use and beautifully designed. It includes the ability to easily document and save business requirements to drive collaboration, and generate tests of business requirements using predefined steps. Anyone who can use a document editor can write business requirements and document processes in Cycle Cloud! Users will also be able to execute headless web tests, view execution results, review the raw execution results, or view summary charts to spot trends across test executions within a project. Additionally, Cycle Cloud allows users to organize their test suite by creating new projects and importing project assets created in Cycle 2.8.2. Learn more about Cycle Cloud here

Join The Cycle Community

With the launch of Cycle Cloud, Cycle Labs is excited to also launch the Cycle Community, the premier place to connect with Cycle users across the globe. The Cycle Community is a space for users to chat, ask questions, share best practices, and communicate with each and our team. The Cycle Community also has a growing content library with templates, test scripts, and more created by the very users who are part of the Cycle Community. Cycle users can easily create free accounts and begin interacting on various boards upon sign up. Sign up to join the Cycle Community here.


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Cycle Labs
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