Cycle 2.8.1 Version Released

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Raleigh, NC (July 14, 2021): Cycle is excited to announce the official release of Cycle 2.8.1 went live on July 14th, 2021 for our user base. The 2.8.1 release included several big feature improvements, updates, and bug resolutions from the 2.8 release in April. Below are some of the key features and improvements you can expect with Cycle 2.8.

Java App Testing Improvements

  • Enhanced experience of testing Java Swing applications like Blue Yonder WMS Dispatcher by adding a Java App Inspector to help identify element IDs to be used in our Java App Steps.
  • Added a Step for closing Java Swing applications
  • Improved error messages for Java App driver failures.


Reporting Improvements

  • Updated web reports to use Jasper, and users can now create custom web reports in Jasper format.
  • New project template also includes some example Jasper reports.
  • Decreased the time to generate web reports by roughly 80% by including links to images instead of embedding them in the report.
  • Fixed a bug with accessing Cycle’s Reporting settings when Variable Blacklist is in use.
  • Cycle users can now create custom web reports in Jasper format and can look forward to web reports being generated more quickly. 


Terminal Improvements

We addressed a few bugs and issues affecting the Cycle terminal, including:

  • An issue causing CPU process spikes when executing Vocollect Scenarios.
  • An issue with Cycle terminals recovering from xterm OSC sequences.
  • An issue with terminal resizing Steps not reflecting the updated terminal size in Cycle.

Miscellaneous Other Updates

  • New captive shell SSH connection Steps to use a private key or port forwarding.
  • New SSH-encrypted terminal Steps with credential parameters. 
  • The default new project template in Cycle has been updated to follow the Test Automation Framework directory structure.

As part of a transition of our Cycle Support function to Cycle Labs, we removed the ability to submit a ticket via the Cycle application. Users can submit Cycle Support tickets by emailing and attaching any necessary files.


Since we like to let our customers be a guiding voice in our product roadmap, let us know if you think we are missing something else.



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