Cycle 2.8 Version Released

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Raleigh, NC (APRIL 12, 2021): Cycle is excited to announce the official release of Cycle 2.8 went live on April 8th, 2021 for our userbase. The 2.8 release was full of big feature improvements, updates, and new features. Below are some of the key features and improvements you can expect with Cycle 2.8.

Support for BlueYonder WMS Dispatcher is one of the largest features added to this release. Tests can now be created and executed for Dispatcher more quickly and reliably, without the need for a connector or the heavy use of image matching. This functionality extends beyond Dispatcher, though, enabling our users to directly interact with other Java Swing applications. Steps have been created for opening apps using web start, as applets or via jar files. Users can validate text and objects on the screen, type text, press keys, click, double-click, and right-click objects, assign object attributes to variables, and more!


Cycle now includes XML Variable Replacement Steps that streamline the process of loading test data examples into XML format for testing using XML schemas for WMS interfaces such as purchase orders, ASNs, shipments, etc. In addition, our new JSON Variable Replacement Steps open the door to better formatting and population of JSON payloads for API testing. Our new XML/JSON Variable Replacement Steps enable users to efficiently replace variables and text in XML/JSON snippets and files.


New SSH Connection Steps are included in the latest release of Cycle. The Steps enable testing via voice selection directly instead of requiring use of voice testing solutions. New Steps are now available for defining a port mapping for SSH connections, port forwarding within SSH connections, and connecting to terminals via SSH connections using a private key. These new Steps optimize the testing of voice selection against WMS and other applications.


Improved VT220 Terminal Emulation Support. A number of improvements were made to our terminal emulation display and functionality related to scroll regions, origin mode, column mode, setting terminal encoding, new character sets for multibyte characters, and more. In addition, new Steps were added for taking and saving a screenshot of the terminal.


Additional Miscellaneous Updates

  • Variables can now be loaded and overwritten via HOCON config files, which are simple, human-readable text files containing key-value pairs.
  • New Steps were added for creating and sorting lists, retrieving metadata about lists, and adding and removing elements from lists.
  • New Steps were added for trimming and padding strings, splitting strings into lists, and parsing and formatting dates in strings, and storing the results as variables.
  • New Steps were added for creating strings by applying a mask and series of arguments and storing them as variables.
  • New Steps were added for assigning the current timestamp to a variable, and for adding amounts of time to stored timestamps.
  • New Steps were added for generating random integers and storing them as variables.
  • A new Step was added for generating a new UUID as a variable.
  • A new Step was added to perform negative validation of a MOCA status number.
  • New Steps for “I scan in web browser” were added to improve readability of web terminal tests.
  • The “I do not see element in web” Step now takes a screenshot automatically.
  • The number of rows resulting from SQL queries are now tracked and available via a variable.
  • The default file structure for new projects now matches new standards used in our Feature Bundle.


See the following pages and the User Manual for additional details. If you are a user that needs to download Cycle 2.8.0 go to your login to your client portal.

Update (April 2022): Our download process has changed. Please go here for instructions to download the latest Cycle application release.


Since we like to let our customers be a guiding voice in our product roadmap, contact us if you think we are missing something else.


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