Cycle Releases Version 3.1

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Raleigh, NC (December 17, 2020): Cycle Labs is excited to announce the release of its latest version 3.1. In staying current with Blue Yonder’s WMS, the latest update released this week is compatible with Blue Yonder’s WMS 2020. The release is a collection of test cases, utilities, playlists, and SOPs that can be leveraged for functional testing of business processes within BY WMS instances. This version is easily extended and customizable to accommodate customer configurations and/or customizations, which drastically reduces setup time to automate testing while maximizing the reuse of the release components and extensions across sites.

In this release, Cycle Labs has successfully applied the version in a BY WMS 2020 environment to identify defects before it was rolled out to production. While there is a big shift in stress levels when you’re addressing defects proactively instead of reactively, it also gives time back to the user. Jonathan Yiv, Senior Solutions Engineer, and a team lead on the 3.1 release added, “I’m very passionate about proactively managing risk. This latest release is now fully compatible with BY WMS 2020, which is a huge step forward in enabling our customer base to get and stay current.” The latest release provided compatibility with BY WMS 2020 in a variety of ways including data loading and utility improvements, allowing our partners to move their WMS forward while benefiting from upgraded features as well.

While this is not the first update, it provides an exciting new feature allowing users to run tests against mobile emulations on Blue Yonder WMS’s platform. Yiv added, “With every release or update, we look for the voice of the customer and the market trends to guide how we can improve our offerings. We have started to see a shift from radio frequency (RF) devices to mobile devices – although that shift hasn’t happened industry-wide yet, we know it is something that several of our clients are looking at implementing down the line. We pride ourselves on being a company that focuses on behavior-driven strategies, so this release was focused on our partners’ future needs.” This release also included over 30 new test cases and various stability enhancements.

If you are interested in learning more about what the BY WMS can do for you and your organization, or if you already have the previous version and are interested in upgrading to the 3.1 release, contact us.

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