Our Platform

The automated testing platform
made for your entire team.

Cycle® brings confidence to your enterprise system deployments by reducing risk, lost hours, and lost revenue.


While other automated testing solutions are designed for automated testing after development and configuration has occurred, Cycle testing begins before these key phases — and continues during and after your system deployment or major update.

Through this continuous automated testing, Cycle identifies challenges earlier, reducing risk before it costs precious time, money, and resources. With Cycle, the days of lost sleep, long hours, and back-breaking stress surrounding system deployments and peak periods are problems of the past.

With Cycle’s reliable and continuous test automation suited for both technical and non-technical teams, you can enhance operations through realistic, future-proof testing.


The Cycle Platform

Test Automation for
the entire team.

In the Cycle platform, tests are user-focused and written in straight-forward language. Through automated continuous testing, you’re able to discover what your systems can do, rather than what they can’t.

How Cycle works for you:

Solve problems before they happen

  • The cost of fixing a software failure before it goes into production is significantly less than the cost of fixing it after.
  • Use automated testing to identify bugs and defects sooner — before they cause major disruptions in your critical business processes.

Keep projects on time and on budget

  • Save on labor costs and time by reducing the requirements associated with manual testing.
  • Save on hardware costs associated with volume/load and performance testing.
  • Confidently go into peak periods knowing exactly how much your system can handle through volume and load testing.
  • Complete system updates with less risk by running simulations and emulations.

Write once, test everywhere

  • Use Cycle to communicate and test all of your systems in one easy interface.
  • Save time by writing a test once, then reusing and modifying it an infinite amount of times.

Test Automation Framework

Built for enterprise solution deployments, by enterprise solution deployment experts.

Tired of being framed for overly complicated, difficult and costly test automation? Lean on the Cycle Test Automation Framework to ensure your testing is realistic for your organization and built to last.

On-Demand Webinar

The Cycle Test Automation Framework allows you to benefit from our team’s years of experience and well-tested best practices, ensuring you get started on the right path for maintainable test automation. Additionally, it provides you with a head start in your test automation journey by simplifying design decisions — all while still enabling customization.

Test Library

Save thousands of hours with prewritten tests and utilities.

With our Test Library, you’ll gain over 200 tests and 900 utilities all pre-written and ready to be implemented — saving you thousands of hours and hundreds of thousands of dollars. The best part? As we expand the test library, your library grows too, allowing you to benefit from our continued growth and lessons learned.

For those who need help with implementation or custom-writing test cases, Cycle Labs can act as the subject matter expert, estimating how long customization might take and reducing the service hours needed.

Cycle Appliance

Take your automated testing to the cloud.

The Appliance grants you peace of mind that your tests are running — whether you’re there to watch them or not. Thanks to the Cycle Appliance, the days of scrambling to secure resources and bandwidth for testing are in the past.

By allowing you to easily scale your continuous testing without stretching to compensate, the Appliance is able to facilitate incremental improvements to your enterprise system while minimizing the risk that usually comes with these updates.

Through utilizing a single laptop or computer and multiple browsers, the Appliance works to reduce the amount of human touches needed to manage infrastructure, as well as the amount of needed hardware. The Appliance presses play automatically, then closes out when the tests are done — saving time and money by reducing the amount of people and devices needed to complete in-depth testing.

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