Making a Divot in Supply Chain with Test Automation

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In the fast-paced and ever-evolving world of warehousing, businesses face significant challenges when they deal with system upgrades and testing. The complexities involved in implementing a new warehouse management system (WMS) can lead to manual testing, late nights, and weekends filled with work. However, we are revolutionizing warehouse testing by embracing automation and efficient processes that alleviate these burdens.

Our CEO and Co-founder, Josh Owen, spoke with Kevin Lawton of The New Warehouse Podcast in more detail about the pain points faced by warehousing professionals during system upgrades and how we are transforming warehouse testing practices to enable businesses to thrive in an environment that demands adaptability and innovation.

Topics Covered in the Podcast:

  • The industry’s challenges
  • The benefits of test automation for supply chain businesses
    • Making upgrades easier and more frequent
    • Strategically allocating resources
    • Promoting smoother and more predictable collaboration
    • Embracing innovation and change, which fosters better relationships with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs)
  • Success stories

Innovation in warehouse testing is key to overcoming the challenges posed by system upgrades in today’s demanding business environment. We are at the forefront of this revolution, enabling businesses to thrive through automation and efficient testing practices. By providing automated solutions for various scenarios from regression testing during system upgrades to ongoing validation of critical processes, we empower organizations to allocate resources strategically while fostering better relationships throughout their supply chain.

“We give our clients the ability to focus on the things that improve those projects and solve some of those challenges by giving them their time back.” ~Josh Owen 


As warehousing professionals continue to adapt in a rapidly evolving landscape, embracing innovative solutions such as those we offer becomes increasingly crucial. By doing so, businesses can overcome fears surrounding system upgrades while positioning themselves for success through adaptability and innovation.

Listen to the full podcast episode to learn more about how we are transforming warehouse testing and enabling businesses to thrive.

This article was adapted from The New Warehouse Podcast episode, “Addressing Testing Challenges by Implementing Testing Automation in the Supply Chain Industry with Cycle Labs.” 

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