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Performance & Volume Testing

Prepare your systems for peak season with automated functional volume testing.



With Cycle®, the days of gathering business users in a conference room to “stress test” systems are behind you.


When you think about stress testing execution systems, do you want to know that your system can stand up to a full shift of real-life production or that it can withstand a denial-of-service attack? For most system managers, it’s the former.

The Cycle platform, with its unique behavior-focused automation approach, enables teams to create functional test cases for high-risk business processes and then simulate user interactions end-to-end at production scale.

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Simulate Peak Volume with Cycle

Unlike high-volume API testing and model-based UX recording solutions, Cycle simulates your peak volume with dynamic front-end UI interactions, end-to-end test cases, and labor standards. This approach uncovers more issues common to transaction processing (OLTP) systems and production floor environments before they can cause inefficiencies or even production downtime.

-Database Locks / Large Commit Contexts
-Dynamic UI Performance
-Complex SQL Query Performance
-Real-Time Reporting
-Network Latency
-Database Configuration


The Benefits of Using Cycle

Cycle Platform
Catch hidden issues that result from the complex interactions of processes, not just from raw transaction volumes
Cycle Platform
Avoid production inefficiency and downtime due to system performance challenges
Functional Testing
Maximize your peak season throughput knowing that your systems are up to the task
Functional Testing
Save time for key users by automating stress tests
Cycle Platform
Create reusable test cases that save IT money and time every year
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Have a collaborative implementation with behavior-focused development



See a Demo of the Cycle Platform

Watch a pre-recorded demonstration of the Cycle platform to learn how test cases are built and how our Blue Yonder test library can accelerate WMS functional testing efforts.


Server Stress Testing with
500 User Simulation

A power equipment manufacturer simulates 500 RF users to stress test 2 new servers, resulting in the identification and resolution of an issue that caused 100% CPU utilization.

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