Cycle for Business Analysts

Better collaboration for better implementations

Your Business Knowledge. Clear Requirements.

As former system integrators ourselves, we get it. Business needs are more complex than ever before yet timelines are squeezed from every side. Vendors and consultants come in with best practices, but you know what processes have unique permutations for different clients and circumstances. How can you express the business requirements in a format that means the same thing to IT, QA, and end users alike? Enter BDD

We know the important role analysts like you play in system implementations – often wearing many more hats than the title suggests. Cycle was built to empower you in every role you may be playing – from requirements gathering to acceptance testing. 

  • Shift testing left to requirements gathering with Cycle’s BDD-based test automation
  • Deploy faster with reusable tests that improve communication and reduce the risk of requirements being missed in sprint unit testing
  • Standardize test data management
  • Reduce dependence on business users for real-world stress tests with Cycle’s group testing and Azure-based Cycle Appliance
    • High-volume user interaction-based simulations, not just high-volume API loads that do not re-create realistic server, network, and database conditions for transaction-processing (OLTP) systems

Deploy With Confidence

Cycle was founded by systems integration veterans and designed to be scalable to every deployment, customizable for every business process, extensible to support every unique requirement, and maintainable for a constantly evolving warehouse system environment. It is composed of hundreds of prewritten utilities as well as the building blocks that can be assembled to create reusable test libraries that will accelerate future deployments.  

Included with the Cycle Platform

Cycle includes nearly a thousand prebuilt utilities that can be assembled into test cases that correspond to your unique business processes across a variety of interfaces including web/browser, API, database and telnet.


Continuous Testing

Incorporate Cycle into your CI/CD workflow alongside solutions like Jenkins, Bamboo, and more to focus on deploying value rather than focusing on test maintenance.

Orchestrate Test Execution

Cycle is highly configurable, and allows you to design your automation pipeline to meet your testing requirements.

Test at Volume

Patented volume testing functionality, allows for scalable parallel testing while simulating accurate day-in-the-life style testing. Address and avoid disruptions before customers are impacted.

Team Powered Testing

Cycle encourages team-powered testing because better communication is the key to valuable testing, and ultimately seamless deployments.

Reduce Risk As Processes Change

Cycle’s unique ability to embed continuous testing into the development, upgrade and deployment process ensures you can easily visualize and understand any business risks associated with your latest system changes. Cycle is key to ensuring you can always keep up with client and business requirements while minimizing implementation risk.

Implementation Support

If you’re in need of specialized scripts for a system test library or help with the initial onboarding process, the Cycle professionals can act as subject matter experts, estimating how long implementation will take and helping reduce time of service.

Learn more about our test automation services here.

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