Cycle for Operations

Better cross-functional collaboration. Less manual testing. Better go-lives.

There Is A Better Way to Implement

As former system integrators ourselves, we get it. Business needs are more complex than ever before yet timelines are squeezed from every side. You know you can’t scale the operation with the systems you have now, but how can your most valuable people fit in an implementation?

New systems require sacrifices from all functions to capture the right requirements and then translate them into the right functionality. Operations “super users” that know the business often get pulled into validation and testing for weeks at a time, but what if the repetitive system tests could be run in the background?

We know the important role operations leaders like you play in system implementations – often wearing many hats throughout the project. Cycle was built to empower you in every role you may be playing – from requirements gathering to acceptance testing. 

With Cycle, your team can:

  • Start testing earlier in the technical implementation to avoid rushing before go-live
  • Deploy new sites and functionality faster with reusable tests that improve communication and reduce the risk of requirements being missed
  • Standardize test data management
  • Reduce time demands on business users

Deploy With Confidence

Cycle was founded by systems integration veterans and designed to be scalable to every deployment, customizable for every business process, extensible to support every unique requirement, and maintainable for a constantly evolving warehouse system environment.

Our platform is composed of hundreds of prewritten building blocks that simulate the behavior of users and systems. These blocks can then be assembled to create reusable test libraries that will accelerate future deployments by reducing the need for repetitive manual testing.  

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