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Blue Yonder WMS Test Library

Reduce manual testing for your project with Blue Yonder's test automation solution of choice.



Scale Your Deployment with

Whether you are considering a Blue Yonder solution or preparing for a SaaS version upgrade, the project plan likely includes time for solution testing. Enterprise product functionality is tested by the vendors, but the vendor’s product team is not responsible for testing the interaction of standard functionality with solution-specific business requirements and configuration.

Many times, manual testing comes down to the implementation team and operations SMEs spending days at their laptops churning through dozens of pass/fail test cases in a spreadsheet. Critical solution bugs may either be found, which could delay the project, or missed, which results in challenges during go-live. In traditional system implementation methodologies, this cycle begins again with every new version or site implementation. But we believe there is a better way.

Scale Your Deployment With Confidence

Automated software testing provides a way to simultaneously improve solution quality and consistency while reducing the resources required for manual testing. Instead of waiting to test until the end of the development phase of the project, test automation allows you to start validating the solution earlier so you can stay on track and rest easier before Go Live.



Why Using Cycle For Test Automation Will Benefit Your Organization


Reduce Support Tickets By 50%


Reduce Manual Testing Effort By 60%

Simulate 10x Production Volume



Included with the Blue Yonder WMS Test Library

The BY WMS Test Library includes nearly 200 prebuilt test cases that can be customized to your unique business processes across a plethora of functional areas. In addition to all the utilities that come from being built on our Cycle Test Automation Framework, the BY WMS Test Library includes nearly a thousand prebuilt utilities that can be assembled into test cases that correspond to your unique business processes across a variety of interfaces.



Why you should use the Cycle Library for your BY WMS test automation

Cycle Platform

Saves Time & Resource

Introducing test automation into your warehouse management system means building and executing tests specific to your operations, which takes time and effort. The Blue Yonder Warehouse Management System (BY WMS) Test Library, powered by the Cycle platform, accelerates your test automation efforts and saves you thousands of hours today and tomorrow.

Cycle Platform

BY Implementation Experts

If you’re in need of specialized scripts for your warehouse systems or help with the implementation process, the Cycle professionals can act as subject matter experts, estimating how long customization will take and helping reduce time of service. Since some software will require script building, service hours can accelerate automation implementation.
Cycle Platform

Custom Built To Fit Your Needs

The Library is designed from the ground up to be scalable to every deployment, customizable for every business process, extensible to support every unique requirement, and maintainable for a constantly evolving WMS. It is composed of hundreds of prewritten test cases as well as the reusable building blocks that can be assembled to fit your business process of choice. The Library, by Cycle Labs, is the only solution specifically for test automation against Blue Yonder WMS.
Cycle Platform

BY Test Automation Solution Of Choice

Cycle is the test automation solution of choice for Blue Yonder. The BY WMS Test Library is ideal for obtaining the freedom and confidence of maintaining a regular upgrade schedule. Cycle’s unique ability to embed continuous testing into the upgrade and deployment process ensures you can easily visualize and understand any business risks associated with your upgrade. Cycle is key to ensuring you can always be on the cutting edge of Blue Yonder technology.


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Are you a current Dispatcher user?

Learn more about our Blue Yonder Dispatcher WMS Test Library.

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CEVA Logistics:
Improving Service With Proactive Testing

“Cycle® allows us to quickly ramp up and down specific areas of our operations, which exposes stress points we can quickly correct.

Before Cycle, the potential effects of updates or changes could only be seen in the production environment, when it’s too late to adjust. Cycle gives us the edge and advantage we need to perform our best and ensure successful events for our customers.”

Scott Pelance | CEVA Logistics
Director, CLS Information Systems – NORTAM

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Manual Testing:
How Much Is It Really Costing You?

Test automation is the backbone of any successful enterprise testing strategy – especially as enterprise systems continue to rapidly evolve. However, implementing test automation requires commitment and investment. How do you justify it?
This calculator estimates how much money you spend on manual testing currently as a starting point for building a business case for switching to automated regression testing using the Cycle® platform.

Regression Testing Cost Calculator


Frequently Asked Questions

Is the BY WMS Test Library only for BY WMS?

The BY WMS Test Library is built specifically for Blue Yonder WMS.

However, the BY WMS Test Library is built on our Cycle Test Automation Framework, which is system-agnostic. The Cycle Test Automation Framework has been used to develop Test Libraries for many other systems, including ProviaWMS and Manhattan.

If you’re interested in a system-specific library, contact us.

Does your test library work with Blue Yonder Discrete and Dispatcher?

We have two test libraries – one for Blue Yonder Discrete Warehouse Management and one for Blue Yonder Dispatcher Warehouse Management. If you’re looking for more information on our Blue Yonder Dispatcher Warehouse Management Test Library, click here.

How much effort is required to customize the BY WMS Test Library for our unique business processes?

The BY WMS Test Library comes with nearly 200 prebuilt test cases that were created based on Cycle Labs’ experience and lessons learned from implementing BY WMS. The BY WMS Test Library is designed to be customizable to fit your organizations needs and goals within BY WMS. The level of customization required is directly tied to your how much your business processes vary from the predefined processes.

Do I need Cycle to use the BY WMS Test Library?

The BY WMS Test Library is designed to run on the Cycle Platform and requires access to Cycle.

Learn more about the Blue Yonder WMS Test Library

Through the Blue Yonder Test Library, your Blue Yonder WMS can operate at peak efficiency, utilizing our years of experience implementing Blue Yonder systems. Contact our team to learn more about how Cycle can benefit your business, and request a demo today.

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