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Cycle Cloud is the #1 testing solution for warehouse management, QA, and Supply Chain Systems

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Why is Cycle

Cycle is your all-in-one testing solution. While many testing solutions require multiple applications and interfaces to test your systems, Cycle was built for easy, comprehensive testing for all of your systems, all in one easy-to-use platform.

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Test Before, During and After Major System Changes: Deploy with Confidence

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Test your People, Processes and Platforms: Reduce Risk and Lost Hours

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Collaborative Implementation: Behavior Driven Development

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Easily Communicate
Between Platforms: Write
Once, Test Everywhere

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Why choose Cycle? The cost of not choosing Cycle speaks for itself.


Trillion Spent on Software Failures

In 2020, CISQ found that $2.08 trillion was spent on software failures in the US


Projects Stay on
Schedule & Budget

Less than 35% of software projects stay on schedule and on budget


Billion Spent on Software Failures

In 2020, CISQ also found that $520 billion was spent on software failures related to Legacy Systems in the US

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The Cycle Platform

The Cycle Platform can be used to run any number of applications and automate end-2-end processes, including order-to-cash, transportation planning, and shipment execution. From business analysts to developers to QA professionals, Cycle facilitates collaboration and communication for every level of user.

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Test Automation Framework

The Cycle Test Automation Framework lets you benefit from our years of experience and best practices to make sure you get started on the right path for maintainable test automation. By simplifying design decisions while still providing you with the ability to customize based on your team, the Framework gives you a valuable head start in your test automation journey.

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Test Library

With our Test Library, you’ll gain over 200 tests and 900 utilities, all pre-written and ready to be implemented — saving you thousands of hours and hundreds of thousands of dollars. The best part? As we expand the test library, your library grows too, allowing you to benefit from our continued growth and lessons learned.

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The Appliance

Take your testing to the cloud with the Cycle Appliance. The Appliance gives you the ability to execute volume testing, load testing, and simplifies the process for continuous testing.

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Our Company

At Cycle, we know from personal experience just how impactful an efficient testing system can be. We want to give our clients the freedom to innovate, the freedom to ask why, and the freedom to focus on growing their business rather than risk.

Through our solution, we’re dedicated to providing reliable test automation for technical teams, as well as equipping non-technical team members with a powerful continuous testing solution for automating critical business process validation, supplementing manual testing, and facilitating realistic and comprehensive performance testing.

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Our Customers

From food distribution companies to automotive manufacturers, the Cycle platform is applicable across a wide variety of industries and serves Fortune 500 companies across the globe.