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Volume Testing

Our patented volume testing functionality make realistic performance testing attainable for all teams, without a need for specialized performance testing know-how.


Easily incorporate Cycle into your CI/CD workflow alongside solutions like Jenkins, Bamboo, and more.

Start Testing Now

Cycle can be installed locally within minutes, setting you up for writing and executing tests right away. Cycle gets you testing day one.

What's New in 2.0

  • More Modern UI/UX: A new Inspector Panel, Toolbar, File Browser, In-line Data Management, and Feature File Editor make for more streamlined usability.
  • Improved Continuous Integration Support: An overhauled command-line interface with new arguments, exposed settings, and the ability to run parallel tests provides for powerful integration with any CI/CD workflow.
  • Next Generation Execution Engine: Supports improved failure handling, granular control for test execution speed, quoted parameters, relative and absolute file paths, and improved variable type detection.

Let Cycle LABS Run Your Applications.

A versatile tool, Cycle can be used to run any number of applications and automate end-2-end processes, like order-to-cash, transportation planning, and shipment execution.

    Designed with the Non-Technical User in Mind.

    For Business Analysts

    Cycle facilitates better collaboration and communication. Use Cycle to articulate clear and meaningful requirements, while ensuring consistency.

    For Developers

    Better communication means you can produce a better solution. Cycle allows you to ensure you are delivering quality solutions and empowering your QA teams.

    For QA Professionals

    Cycle makes test data management and automated testing simple. Use Cycle to automate repetitive tests and spend more time focusing on edge cases.

    Benefits of Using Cycle:

    Upgrade with Confidence

    Run comprehensive regression tests each time you apply a modification or implement an upgrade to your system to ensure the system works as expected.

    Minimize Risk

    Schedule regular automated tests against your system--for example, during off hours or low volume times--to identify issues before they become critical.

    Work More Efficiently

    Cycle tests are application-independent and reusable, allowing you to write, assemble, and modify scripts efficiently across applications.

    Execute Tests Quickly

    Written in business-readable language, tests can be easily produced by non-technical personnel with minimal training. Select from in-person and self-paced training options.

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